What does it take to come up with some of the world’s most well-known brands? Well, a whole lot of science, to start. Some of the best researchers in the world go to work making the products just right for the billions of consumers who use names like Pampers, Tide, Pantene and Gillette every day. We’re talking cutting-edge technology, “hands-on” labs and pilot plants, 41,000+ active patents and a team full of inventors. From researchers to scientists and more, we’re looking to hire some serious talent for our R&D team. Browse our open positions and find a role that fits your educational background and skill set.

Research & Development Roles


Associate Researcher

The Associate Researcher is for individuals who are inspired by hands-on experimentation, basic science and procedural work. Associate researchers work on developing foundational scientific understanding and evaluating new hypotheses to move a project forward. Their data and observations can influence future experimental approaches. Associate Researchers’ work is predominantly execution /Procedural-oriented, e.g., in a lab, in a plant or pilot plant (internal or external), at a clinical site, with consumers, and /or on a computer.

Who is a fit for a R&D Associate Researcher role?

Four-year degree, in most science disciplines. Demonstrated lab/research experience is preferred.



Scientist guild and influence technical project direction and solve significant technical problems by leveraging their scientific/engineering skills and the strong foundational understanding they develop over time through hands-on experimentation / Application. They create advances in science, technology, engineering, and/or capability they result in new and /or improved products, packages, processes, materials, consumer insights, or methodologies.

 Who is a fit for a R&D Scientist role?

Master or Doctoral degree in STEM disciplines, such as Life Sciences, Chemistry, Material Science, Engineering.

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