Product Supply (PS)

As the largest function in P&G, Product Supply has more than 50% of P&G employees, with 140+ plants in 40 countries. Product Supply is made up of 6 disciplines including: 1) Supply Network Operation, 2) Engineering, 3) Manufacturing, 4) Purchases, 5) Quality Assurance and 6) Innovation Diamond Management.

In 2017 Gartner Supply Chain Ranking, P&G Product Supply is recognized “Supply Chain Master” for the third consecutive year due to supply chain innovation and excellence. P&G and Apple are the only two companies in the ‘Master’ category. In Product Supply, you will have the opportunity to lead global supply chain operations and innovation, gain plenty of learning opportunities domestically and internationally, and develop your business acumen and technical mastery.

Kick off a challenging and rewarding career with Product Supply! The distance between you and global leading supply chain is just an offer from P&G.

Roles of Product Supply

Supply Network Operation Manager

Beginning with overseeing our materials all the way to placing our brands in the hands of shoppers, you’ll play your part as an expert integrator for supply across our many operations. You’ll start within one of our 15 diverse work areas, plan the demand and supply for the market, and then work to create the physical design of our supply networks across the world.

Manufacturing Manager/Process Engineer

In this role, you’ll be responsible for a part of product making, which covers reliability, quality, safety of equipment and processes, and the motivation of your team. You’ll be in touch with cutting edge manufacturing technologies and learn from the experts. You’ll lead new projects and initiatives, like new equipment start-up. You’ll lead a big team and coach them to perform at their peak.

Engineering Manager

Here, you’ll play a part in designing all the bells and whistles (and expert technology) to make our multimillion-dollar machines, plants and work processes that make our products. You’ll improve the capability, safety and productivity of all our systems, while reducing costs for our business.

Purchases Manager

When you join us, you’ll work directly with suppliers, spot emerging shopper trends and expand our business across multiple corners of the globe. Know a thing or two about negotiating contracts? How about implementing cost savings projects and driving innovation? Sounds like you’d fit right in with our Purchases team. 

Quality Assurance Manager

On our team, you’ll play a key part in driving the integrity of our brands and helping us to deliver our Quality Promise: “Quality our consumers, customers, regulators and employees trust – everywhere, every time.” Defining quality requirements, delivering against compliance and regulatory requirements with excellence, and assuring an exceptional customer experience while influencing others – this is just another day on our QA team.