Information Technology (IT) at Procter & Gamble is where business, innovation and technology integrate to create a competitive advantage for P&G.  Our mission is clear - we deliver IT to help P&G win with consumers.  P&G IT professionals are diverse business leaders who apply IT mastery to deliver game-changing, technology-driven business models and capabilities. Whether your role is to create an IT innovation strategy for a business, protect our critical information systems and assets, or manage a strategic supplier in our cutting-edge shared services organization, your technical mastery will be recognized and rewarded. Your passion for the industry will be further cultivated by our culture of continued learning and growth as an IT professional.  A career in IT builds change leadership and influence skills, breadth of experience across multiple businesses, and depth of expertise in areas like Application & Integration, Infrastructure, Data & Analytics, and IT Security & Risk.

IT Roles


IT Professionals develop their career in the context of IT Disciplines. These disciplines are defined groups of work that are unique to the IT function and needed to drive P&G business.

Application & Integration is the work covering the strategy, development, implementation, maintenance and governance of the Company’s business applications. Example roles focused on this type of work include Platform/Application Manager, IT Operations Manager, Architect, Solution Manager, Project Manager. 

Data & Analytics is the work covering the strategy, architecture management, and governance of the Company’s data and applying advanced analytics and big data methods to drive unique and actionable insight. Example roles focused on this type of work include Data Scientist, Data Architect, Business Analyst, and Solution Manager.  

Infrastructure is the work covering the strategy, governance and management of hardware, software platforms, and networks needed to support the development, delivery and on-going maintenance of the Company’s applications and information. Example roles focused on this work include Infrastructure/EA Technology Architect, Network Engineer, Technology Subject Matter Expert, Solution Manager, and Project Manager. 

IT Security & Risk - The work covering the strategy, architecture, employee awareness, governance, risk management, threat protection, and compliance of the Company’s information, assets, application, cyber security, infrastructure security programs, policies and standards.  Example roles focused on this work include Risk Assessment Manager, Cyber Security Analyst, and Security Architect.

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