Robin Pei

Sharing Title : lead, learn and grow

My experience in P&G:

I am Robin Pei, from Analytical group in P&G Beijing Innovation Centre (BJIC). I joined the company 8 months ago after graduated with a Ph. D in Materials Science from University of Manchester. There are two things I want to share.

Firstly, at P&G even new hires are expected to take the leadership role for their first project. Currently, I am leading the X-ray CT lab in BJIC and my manager gives me lots of freedom to develop new methodology and shape the future direction of our lab.

Secondly, help is always there if you ask! One of the amazing things I found in P&G is that people are always willing to devote their time to help you. Currently, I hold regular connections with two senior Technical coaches. They are very busy with their work indeed. However, whenever I have a question or problem, they are always there to share their knowledge and suggestions.

It is really a lead, learning and growing journey here at P&G.

Key Question I would love to share (please choose 2-3 question to answers) :

Why did you choose P&G?

What’s the unique feature of P&G?

How do P&G develop you as a future leader?

1.Early responsibility

2.Amazing coaches, buddies and line managers

3.Fantastic internal training system

What’s your key learning after join in P&G?

Don’t be shy! Just ask questions as often as possible!

What’s your function work look like?

What’s special  about P&G leadership?