Sharing Title : Future Business leader, Cradle of the CEOs

My experience in P&G: 2013-2015 Pampers senior brand manager, 2015 – now, febreze senior brand manager

Key Question I would love to share (please choose 2-3 question to answers) :

When I joined P&G, I never thought that I could lead a business and create impact that soon. This is what I appreciate the most in this company. Starting from the very beginning, you will have the opportunity to plan and spend millions of marketing budget and ensure everything is 100% executed. As a true business leader in your own territory, you will make recommendation and decision based on solid consumer insight and business analysis. Through the way, you will lead some campaigns, a certain product line, even a whole brand. You will need to analyze the landscape of your category, understand who’s the target consumers and what’s their needs / barriers and come up with your brand proposition and the way to reach them and let them like your brand and finally buy it. I was very lucky to lead a totally new brand - febreze launch in China and I like the work because I can really impact every aspect of the brand, just like a CEO. 

P&G is where you can get full early responsibility. And we welcome everyone of you to join us!