Xu Yunyun

How do P&G develop you as a future leader?

Early responsibility. 

I took over 20+ subordinate just after join in company 6 months. It offered me a great platform to explore, to build personal leadership from good to great. I’m really benefited from early responsibility at the beginning of my career. 

What’s your key learning after join in P&G?

Think more about possibility, not barriers.

I meet lots of new things and challenges when the role change from student to new hire. At first, I’m afraid whether I can success or not, especially when facing stretch goal. But 2 year experience here change my mindset, thing about the possibility of every task and go forward.

What’s special  about P&G leadership?

Charming, caring.

My mangers and peers are passion to win, execute with excellence in daily work, also take care of everyone around.