Shanice Lin

Four years ago, I just graduated from university and now I have changed two assignments and worked as P&G customer manager for already one year.
P&G provides a great platform, which enables me to practice as a real professional manager even when I was just a new hire. At the very beginning, I suffered much pain and difficulties just like other fresh birds. During this tough period, fortunately, P&G designed and offered a set of systematical and wonderful training programs to enable me quick transition to the real business world.
I could clearly remember the first time when I held meeting with my subordinates who are all expertise at store execution. You could imagine how nervous I felt, because their “new boss” had few experience. I did feel great pressure. But a better I told me: “as a Sales manager, always bear in mind the Can Be Done attitude at any time”. Handling a meeting is just the very first step of this professionalism. ”So what can I do? Just cheer up.” Then I marked down all their questions by details, solved some questions within my practical in-store experience during central training, and the rest are feedback after the meeting with suggestion from my LM and colleagues. At last, I led a successful TSOR meeting and gradually set a positive image before my colleagues.
So far, I am the sales manager of a global customer and manage the business with more than 2 billion RMB sales annually. It is so exciting to see the rapid growth of myself in the past few months.
Most importantly, I am the host of my business and am sure that only P&G can enable a fresh graduate such a quick growth to a professional manager.

Welcome to join Sales! Welcome to join the learning and growth journey together with us!