Peter Pu

As a summer intern 2 years ago, I met P&G for the first time and begin my journey from Xi’an 1 year ago. During the past one year I keep learning and growing. In sales we have 52 weeks training plan for every new hire which including orientation, central training and line manager 1:1 field coaching. I really want to share some of my feelings and learning with you. 

During the 52 weeks, I received various kinds of training topics, including basic selling skill and business management skill. It covers from the sales bible Mcsales Model, SBD, category knowledge to DSPM 2.0, conceptual selling and MFT knowledge. Thanks my line manager and my teammates, I believe these fruitful training will certainly build me a solid foundation and guide me to be a sales master in the future. 

Now I’m writing in Shanxi Yan’an, the northern part of Shanxi province. I begin to in charge of 3 Branch offices, more than 50-people sales team and around 42 million sales volumes. Moreover, I will start my new life here in the new city.

Life is a journey, I’m still on the way.

Welcome to P&G Sales! Join us, to start your shining career.