Panny Yang

The internship we took before was just doing odds and ends, serving tea or coffee, and reading people silently, right or not? The internship we took before without training, without five-star hotel facilities, without fat salary, right or not? The internship we took before always ignored us like an invisible guy, without any decision making power, right or not?But, all of the above things ended in the summer of 2011, in PS. P&G PS is definitely the most value internship place for your personal fast growth and prepare for your future career. 

Do you want to run faster than your peer? Are you passion for winning? Do you want to know well with worldwide elite? Do you want to experience the true meaning of “work hard, and play harder”? If your answer is YES. Please do not be hesitated to join us, join P&G PS Summer Internship, to start your impressive and shining journey with P&G PS. 

Frankly speaking, before I started my PS Summer Internship, I have never thought I would be so highly valued by all the managers. I also have never thought I would do the project to contribute 100$M saving to the business. More unexpected was that, when I just joined only one month, the rules I made for consumable delivering has been deployed to the whole XQ Baby Care team with around 500 people! A lot of WOW during the two-month summer internship.

 By the way, the earlier responsibility as P&G advocating is not just a word. It is the reality, a new challenge every day. As long as you are a guy with aspiration and motivation, you really should come and join PS. Here, you can have a stage to show yourself, you will find the feeling to be a professional manager, you also will learn for the excellent supply chain and experience the power of team work.

 Meanwhile, except working, we still can achieve plenty of good friends with all talents. I have to say that PS interns are all Geiliable!

 I love P&G PS. She has a magic letting you never stop running. Come on, guys. If loving P&G PS, being with her. P&G PS welcome you.