Benefit Programs

  • healthcare

    Health Care Benefits -

    On top of government medical plan, we are proud to offer our employees additional commercial medical insurance (in-patient/out-patient/dental/critical illness etc.)

  • isop

    ISOP (International Stock Ownership Plan) -

    ISOP is a leading program that gives employees the opportunity to purchase P&G stock. It enables our employees to participate in the financial success of P&G and have shareholder voting rights.

  • new hire

    New Hire Start-up Loan -

    P&G new hires are eligible to apply for an interest-free loan to help themselves settle into their new work locations.

  • Housing Program -

    Company provides housing support to our eligible employees.


  • mpmw

    My Pay My Way -

    It’s a flexible benefit which provides a set of choices to employees to meet their diverse and unique needs.

Work-Life Balance

  • wfh

    Work from Home -

    P&G intends to provide a more flexible working environment with the “work from home” practice. We trust our employees to perform their best at home as well as better take care of their families.

  • flex work

    Flexible Work Scheduling -

    P&G offers alternative methods of organizing work schedule to better meet business and personal needs.  Whenever possible, we allow employees to define their own working schedule to improve productivity and to help them say goodbye to traffic jams.

  • vacation

    Vacation and Personal Leave of Absence -

    Employees at P&G will be offered an annual leave of 15 to 20 days, with full entitlement of all pays and benefits.  In addition, Personal Leave of Absence allows our valued people, who have a variety of needs in their different life stages, take an unpaid leave to enable a better work life balance.